Maui lures travelers with an invigorating mix of natural beauty and outdoor fun, all shared with warm alohas.

Outdoor Adventure

When it comes to outdoor recreation, Maui wins best in show. Just look at that zipliner launching into a canopy of green. Or the mountain biker hurtling past eucalyptus and pine. Hikers have it darn good too, with trails winding through lava flows and bamboo forests. Along the coast, surfers barrel through waves, windboarders skim across whitecaps and snorkelers glide among fish-filled reefs and coral.

And we haven't even mentioned the Valley Isle's most iconic adventures, like driving the Road to Hana. Watching the sunrise from the summit of Haleakalā. Paddling a kayak within sight of humpback whales in Makena Bay. In sum? Amazing.

Natural Beauty

The golden sands of Keawakapu Beach. The rumpled green flanks of Haleakalā. The graceful beauty of Wailua Falls. These gorgeous sights have drawn admirers for generations. But it's funny, just when you think you have a handle on Maui's sublime scenery, an unexpected view catches you by surprise. It's these unplanned glimpses of beauty that linger in your memory. Maybe it's the ʻahinahina (silversword) staking out a claim on a stark crater slope. Or the jagged lava along the Keʻanae Peninsula, looking protective for a moment, not menacing. And the Waiakoa Loop Trail at Polipoli? Spookily pretty – until that baby boar snuffles into view.

Food & Drink

A top-notch dining scene enhances Maui's natural charms. And the best part? No matter the view or adventure, you're always a short drive from a delicious meal. Unless it's 8pm in Hana and you're looking for dinner...but we digress. From scrappy food trucks to white-linen dining rooms, eateries are embracing locally sourced food, from Upcountry vegetables to grass-fed beef from the ranch down the road. And the local food? The names may be unfamiliar – loco moco, shave ice, kalua pork – but trust us, the flavors are rich and delicious, and the portions typically hearty.


As you hike over the uncomfortable lava rocks on the King's Hwy near La Perouse Bay, gazing out to sea and broiling under the sun, it's easy to connect with ancient travelers who surely felt the same mix of awe and discomfort. Maui is dotted with such spots, where natural formations and historic structures are direct portals to the past. Downtown Lahaina, with its old wooden storefronts and rowdy pubs, channels the whaling era. You'd hardly blink if Edward Bailey, an 1800s missionary, stepped from the stairwell at the Bailey House. And the 100-year-old Komoda Bakery? The past still makes tasty cream puffs.

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